DW1620 vs. DW1655 some tests

here are some sample burn comparisions between the DW1620 B7W9 and the 1655 BCDB.

Fuji 8x media (YudenT02) burned at maximum speed on both drives.

First scan is 12x burn on the 1655 with SB on OS on WOPC on
Second scan is 16x burn on the 1620 WOPC on

both very good burns seems Solidburn is restricting the Overspeed to 12x on the 1655 wish there was a way to turn that off and still use overspeed! :iagree:

Both nice scans, I just wish my 1620 was producing as good quality burns as yours.

First scan was with my 1655 at 16x
Second was my 1620 at 16x
1655 wins…notice the pif spikes at the end of the 1620 burn.

Is that PIF spike at the end normal for 16x burning? still awesome for 16 219PIF total, some of my 8x burns are not that nice

The PIF spike was probably because a bad spot in that area. Keep in mind that Jamos use a Lite-On drive which is 1ECC scanner and will produce lower PIFs compared to BenQ scans (8ECC).

which is better 1ECC or 8ECC for scanning?

1655 wins…? Hmmm, everyone can see 1620 has no problems to keep up with never drives and burn well on quality media. The spike at ~4.3GB is drive dependent and shouldn’t effect read-/playability in any way.
In my eyes both drives in this test are neck to neck. No clear winner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to see how small difference in burn quality is between 1620/1640 and 165* drives. :slight_smile:
And SolidBurn haven’t added that much when burning on quality media as it seems.

BTW Jamos in your first post you compared two burns done on different speed (12x & 16x), how comes?

@swifty7, for accuracy 1EEC block PIF sum ofcourse.

Solid burn restricted the 1655 from burning the T02 at 16x to 12x (like i said wish you could turn off solidburn and overspeed) so I could not show equal speeds, and your right the spike at the end is probably just a bad spot but it does go over the 4 limit at 1ecc so it may skip there if i played that disk on a older dvd player, but most dvd players should handle it fine. to truely test if it is a problem I should scan it with my plextools at 2x speed and see how bad the spike is :smiley:

over all from what I have seen the drives are comparable…I do like the write strategies on my 1620 B7W9 fw better though.

Just installed my new 1655. Whats the lates firmware for it, I cant get on benq’s site and the firmware section here does not have 1655 in it

Have you checked BenQ site in the old world:smiley:

BTW, what’s your current firmware.

plex scan of the 1620 disk…it does seem to have a high spike but other than that looks fine…i doubt that spike would cause issues in playback.

PlexTools Professional V2.32a     Q-Check PI/PO Test
Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Plextor SA/NV
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
                  PIF        POE        POF
       Avg       0.00          -          -
       Max         11          -          -
     Total        615          -          0

PIF: ECC Block 140007 contains 6 uncorrectables
PIF: ECC Block 140055 contains 7 uncorrectables
PIF: ECC Block 140185 contains 5 uncorrectables
PIF: ECC Block 140215 contains 7 uncorrectables
PIF: ECC Block 140228 contains 11 uncorrectables

1ECC for PIF
8ECC for PIE

I seem to recall that my 1620 burns with MCC 004 at 12X had no problem with these spikes. The only drive I have seen so far that will deliver 16X burns as good as 12X is my LG 4166. I was amazed as I have always held that 16X burns cannot deliver quality up to my standards (insanely high).

I tried .com and .ca but found it (BCBD) in someones signature on the fourm instead. Sor far so good here is a scan not bad but when it reached 12x at the end I can see the PIE starting to rise. Dont think this media would be good at 16x

That’s a great first burn!! If you give Solidburn a chance to learn then 16x with this media is no problem. Of course jitter is usually over 10% when burned @16x.:wink:

Yes the lg 416x series is a great bunch of burners (though no overspeed)…
same batch of MCC004s at 16x burned with my lg4163B. i would have only 144 pifs except for a spike of 120 pifs at the start of the scan…me thinks those probably a dust spot.

hmm even my Plextor 716 burns this media better at 16x than my benqs… :iagree:

Nice burn on your 716A, Jamos. Still one of my favorite drives. :iagree:

So, I guess your not just comparing DW1620 vs DW1655… :wink:

usually then they ask 8ecc/1ecc is to ask you whether you want to do pif or pie error scans (ex: plextools)

if you use nec drive with nero cd/dvd speed, then i would choose 1ecc.

if drive is capable of reporting raw errors in either 1ecc or 8ecc, then 1ecc is the way to go as it can be converted to 8ecc (this is way nec chip is reporting afaik) while philips chip reports 8ecc raw errors (as i heard) which makes little unreliable for the pif (1ecc) report.sanyo chip reports actual errors of pif or pie but not at same time (afaik)

it seems like the different score system is used for lite-on drives from 8ecc philips chip based benq drives. max 2 pif received only 95!

solidburn of 1655 does make some difference especially with mcc4 media. when i burn mcc4 with solid burn on for known media, pif spikes are controlled.

it seems 1655 is better than 1620