DW1620 vs DW1650

I’ve got a DW1650 that pukes out horrible burns on Verbatim / MCC004 DVD+R blanks that I’ve now tried in the older DW1620. The older drive spits out rather nice burns, so I’m a little confused about what’s going on with the DW1650. Perhaps there’s something wrong with it. Whatcha think? Seems like it’s time to throw the old drive back in there for now while I shop for a new one.

Try enabling SolidBurn for known media if disabled or disable it if already enabled.
If WOPC isn’t enabled try enabling it.

Which firmware are you using on the BenQ DW1650?

Also what do you mean exactly by “horrible burns”?

I’ve got BCIC on the DW1650. It says MMC004 is a known media, but it also learns it in SolidBurn. I assume because OverSpeed is also enabled. WOPC is enabled. I did try disabling OverSpeed and SolidBurn for known media, clearing the learned media slots, and it still didn’t like them. It burns them at a painfully slow 4x when set for 16x, and the resultant burns are just riddled with PI and PO errors. The DW1620 burns them at 16x without any apparent problems, and the scans return very few errors on them. These aren’t the only blanks I’ve appeared to have problems/issues with, just happens to be the spindle I bought yesterday. Some blank brands seem to burn just fine, but others like these just make it stumble like crazy, burning at 8x and 4x rather than 16x. I’m thinking there may be something wrong with it when the DW1620 accepts the same blanks without issue.

This problem with burn speed stuck at 4x is something that several users have experienced with the later firmwares (BCHC/BCHB and BCIC/BCIB) for the 1650/1655.

Perhaps you should try reverting firmware to BCFC or BCDC firmware on your DW1650 drive.

cool, thanks, I’ll give that a shot. :slight_smile:

DrageMester is correct, I have tried all the firmwares on the DW1650 and I find BCDC to be the best for MCC004 and Yuden000-T02-000.:iagree:

Wow. I installed BCDC and tried the MMC 004 blanks again, with OverSpeed on. They’re 16x blanks, but I thought I’d try it with SolidBurn first. Ended up burning at 12x P-CAV, and the end of the burn got a little messy at maximum speed reading. Tried some Sony D21 blanks, too. Those burned great! They were another blank that would get stuck at 4x quite often. Guess I’ll be using BCDC for now, heh. Thanks again!

Glad your burns improved. :slight_smile:

I’ve found that with my BenQ DW1655 there are some improvements in burn quality for 16x rated Taiyo Yuden DVD media and with Verbatim Super AZO CD-R media Made in India in BCHB and BCIB, so there are some improvements with the newer firmware.

So it’s a matter of deciding which firmware suits your needs best. It shouldn’t be like that - newer firmware should always be an improvement over older firmware - but unfortunately that’s not how it is with these drives.

shoot, tried a disk copy with nero, and its verify-after-burn function is returning tons of read errors at the end of the MCC 004 disk. Oh well, the Sony blanks perform great anyway, so that’s cool.

Did you try this on your DW1620 drive with an MCC 004 disc from the same pack? It could be a media problem.

yeah, no problems with the DW1620. I think my DW1650 is just goofy, hehe.

U Sure BCDC is best for yuden02 ? i thought BCIB is the best for yuden02

Sounds like we need a best firmware for which dye thread!

I dunno… I settled on BCFC for burning to MCC-004 and YUDEN000-T02. It’s indistinguishable from BCDC to me, but it doesn’t suffer from the wonkiness of the later firmwares. YMMV, of course.