DW1620 stopped burning

I have a 1620 and firmware b7t9. I use clone dvd and anydvd This problem just started. I can copy a movie to my hard drive but it will not burn to the disc. I am using yuden t02 discs. When it goes to burn it says setting up and erasing and then pretty much just stays there. I have tried other discs and same problem. Also the 1620 light just blinks red the whole time the disc is :writing" and when i try to stop and eject it wont, i have to restart the computer…Any thoughts??

I did not mention i used it last week to do a movie and it worked fine, i updated clone and any when they came out and this is the first time i have tried to use it w/ the update…could this be causing it

Not sure if anyone is following this thread or has any ideas, but i am still diagnosing the problem. I have uninstalled clonedvd and went back to previous version and i was able to burn 2 discs. On the third it burned all the way through and then when it went to finish the burn i can here the dvd rom spin up and then down up and down and will not finish. Does anyone have any ideas??? Would a new firmware help this?? I see there is a b7w9??

You could try B7W9, but your drive could be bad to.

Try the drive in a different PC.

Are you using genuine yuden t02.

Try with other disc.

There have been reports of some people having problems with CloneDVD2 v2.8.8.2. Some went back to the previous version and stopped having problems.
Also, there have been a couple of upgrades to AnyDVD in the last few days. The newest is v5.9.2.1.
I would upgrade the drive to the B7W9 fw, rollback CloneDVD2 to the previous version and upgrade AnyDVD to v5.9.2.1. Then let us know what happens. :slight_smile:

i updated the firmware to b7w9 and i have burned a few discs fine and then sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes to close the disc…flushing borders or whatever clonedvd says. I am going to try it in my other machine and upgrade to the new anydvd…

try using imgburn

I updated anydvd and i was able to burn 6 discs in a row without any problems. I am going to try later to burn some more and see what happens. I may look for a backup burner…but i hate to order online for stuff like that., I am looking at the new 1650 or lite on 1693…I wish i could buy the benq locally…

This is truely spooky as I found nearly the same problem with my 1620 only after I updated to the new Clone, same as you. I pulled the drive and replaced it and found the same problem with my 3520. I also noted some strange recycling with a ROM drive on the same channel. I did some swapping and came to the conclusion that I had a flakey Molex adapter on a splitter and that seemed to clear it up. I am sensitive to this as I have seen it before on a hard drive and it took most of my Summer to figure it out.

Good luck.

are you talking about the power plug??? I have my dvd roms on power w/ no splitter on them, there are a couple on my hard drives. I have been using this exact setup for about 6 months and this problem just came up. Since i updated anydvd i have not had a problem…yet…7 discs burned so far. It just doesnt seem to make sense that anydvd would cause a burning problem. I am burning from my hard drive…???

I thought i was getting somewhere…I just went to burn another disc and it took about 5 minutes on the setting up and erasing part and the dvd rom would spin up and down up and down and it seemed to lock up clonedvd. I had to control/alt/delete to end clone and now like all the other times the benq will not eject. I have to restart the computer to get it to eject…

I removed the benq from the computer it was in and moved it to my athlon 64 3200 machine and tried to burn a dvd…again setting up and erasing took about 3-4 minutes and it locked up clone, after that it started burning but really slow. taking about 20 minutes to burn a single layer dvd from my hard drive…I moved my sony to the other computer and it seems to be working fine so far…only 1 disc burned…again any thoughts??? Is this just another bad benq??

The disc burned on the benq in the new machine finished but when i go to play the movie it will not play…in nero cd speed it recognizes the disc but says it is still “open”, other discs say closed, and it will not let me do any tests on it…I originally bought this drive as a pacific digital from Staples, even though it says benq right on the drive. Does anyone think that benq will warranty it? it is still way under one year old.

If you’ve tried different media to rule out a bad batch,
it may be time to RMA. If you’ve had it several months you’ll have to go through BenQ. I’m sure there are threads here that cover the how to’s…