DW1620 scan Problem. Help please



Just bought a DW1620 from NewEgg. This is my first BenQ DVD writer. It came with B7U9 firmware. I flashed with B7V9RPC1 with speed patched. Tried to read DVD with DVD Decrypter. It went up over 11X. :slight_smile:

However when I tried to scan a DVD (burnt with my LiteOn 812@832) it seems the drive has problem. :sad: The scan speed is too slow, lower than 1X. And the PI failure does not show. See the first screen shot.

When I stopped it (before finish), I noticed that the “show C2/PIF” is grayed out. See the second screen shot.

I used the CD/DVD speed tool in Nero 6.6. It worked with my LiteOn drive. The last two screen shots shows the (beginning of) scan of the same disc in LiteOn.

Did anyone have similar experience? What is wrong with my new BenQ 1620? Appreciate any reply. Thanks. :bow: :bow: :bow:


There is nothing wrong with your drive… :slight_smile:
Download and install latest Nero CD/DVD Speed and everything will be okay. :wink:

Good luck with your new drive. BenQ 1620 is a great burner.

@C0deKing, don’t forget this question in upcoming FAQ. :cool:


Thank you very much. :bow: :bow: :bow: I thought it was the same as the CD speed tool whithin Nero software. Now I feel much better with my new BenQ drive.