DW1620 same as DW1620Pro?

Just curious whether the 1620 can be firmware flashed to the 1620Pro? I cant seem to see the 1620Pro anywhwere in the UK.
Is it worth getting the 1620 or would it be wiser to wait for the 1650?

Yes, they’re the same.

Yes, flash the retail DW1620 to firmware B7P9 or newer. Flash an OEM DW1620 to G7P9 or newer (if there even is a newer version of the OEM firmware?). Doing so will make the drive a DW1620 Pro.

I don’t think anyone can say for sure. I haven’t seen any tests done on a 1650 yet. It’s too early to know. The DW1620 is a great drive though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. Its an OEM drive and should be with me by Tuesday! :slight_smile:

What media are gonna use Lazgoat, have you already give it a thought.

I’ve ordered a pack of “Datawrite 8x DVD-R Printable 25pack Cake box” and a pack of “Infiniti 8x DVD+R E240 4.7GB Compax 25 Disc In Cake Box”.

I’m not sure what they will burn like, but should be ok I hope :confused:


Without knowing the media codes (MID) of those brands, I can’t tell you. But, I can highly recommend the following media: Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 003) 8x speed rated, Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 004) 16x speed rated, TDK DVD+R (YUDEN T02) 8x speed rated, and Fujifilm DVD+R (YUDEN000 T02) 8x speed rated. With the TDK and Fuji DVD+R discs, buy them only if the packaging on the spindle says made in Japan. Stay away from TDK and Fuji that say made in Taiwan because they’re of lesser quality according to many here in the forums.

For DVD-R media, I recommend Fuji and TDK 8x speed rated (again only the ones that say made in Japan). I suggest burning all of the above media types at 12x burn speed maximum; not at 16x speed. This should give you excellent results. I know that I recommended more DVD+R brands/types than DVD-R. That’s because I mainly use DVD+R and am more familiar with them. I hope this helps you out.

^^^^^ Highly recommend doing what Socrates007 recommended.:iagree:

Thanks for the replies. The drive has finally arrived and I’ve just installed it. Its a standard OEM drive, looks like nothing fancy at all, doesn’t even have Benq on the bezel, just on the silver label! :confused:

Using the Nero Info Tool, the firmware is G7H9 ad the read and write speeds are 8x. Shouldn’t they be 16x? Is it worth flashing to anything else?

First burn was a coaster! I’m using Infinity DVD+R 8x media. Nero has detected the Manufacturer ID as CMC MAG E01. What does that tell me? :a

Trying another burn now and will report back.

Ok, the problem was Vision Express, Nero Burning Rom did the job. I’ve done a Nero speed test, below. How does it compare?

In addition, try Disk Quality Test, but better have a latest firmware first.

I’d would definitely flash it to G7P9. Or if you plan on cross-flashing it(to a retail drive), then I’d update it to either B7P9 or B7T9. Browse around the BenQ forum and you should find all kinds of info. about the different firmwares.