DW1620 Problem



Just received my first Benq DW 1620 and burns look pretty damn good. Here is my problem, my sony DVD Player says that the disk is dirty Code 13 on all the TYG01 disk, but plays everything else just fine (ie anything +r using book type to dvd-rom). I know it isnt the disk because they work flawless when burnt with the Plextor PX-716A.

So what gives, is there something I am missing or what. I really hope that I can Dup my DVD collection with this drive using -R yudens or am I limited to +R only.

I am currently using the latest firmware from benq V9 retail. :a


Hi dan.

I dopn’t suspect that the problem is with your burner; it’s possible that your Sony DVD player simply can’t -R discs deprnding on how old it is. But my fairly old Panasonic RV-31CA, for example, can play -R just fine.

  • Jie



Just strange that the same media when burned using the Plextor drive at same speed works just fine on the very same Sony DVD Player. I also discovered that the Yuden disk that will not play on my 4 disk player work just fine on my sons Playstation2 and an old Panasonic DVD player. Seems like the DW 1620 records the TYG01 4x -R disk differently than my Plextor PX-716A does. I was hoping that this wouldnt be a problem since I use alot of the Tai Yuden Value 4x -R disk.

Has anyone experienced this with TYG02 -R 8x or will I have to use +R media from now on?