DW1620 Problem

I must say I am quite pleased with the writer. But I do have a question about something.

I have My Computer in my Quick Launch Bar (I use XP) and when I scroll over each of the drives, it gives me the size and remaining info. However as a hover over the 1620 Drive, it shows up as 0 bytes Size & 0 bytes remaining. In addition, when I check the Properties, it still shows up at zero. There is blank media in the drive (it does this for both + & - dvd-r’s). Is this normal, or is something wrong???

I just upgraded to FWB7K9 and was just about to upgrade to FW B7M9.

I don’t know what other info is needed here…can u tell I’m a rookie???

On a side note, after reading past posts on the 1620 I must add that everyone on this site is extremely helpful. Thanks.

I have XP and when I do a properties on my DVD drive with a blank media in it I have 0 size also, so I think you’re OK, it’s normal.