DW1620 PRO problems



(noob warning - I’m new to DVD burning)
I recently bought Benq DW1620 PRO OEM(DW1620-2F1).
Firmware is B7V9 with read spead patch and a few strategy swaps.

Problem is that it doesn’t seem to overspeed disks nicely. Just now I checked crappy 4x -R media, just to test 16x and it performed 8x burn :confused:
I also burnt Sony +R 8x disk, even default strategy allowed 16x, but it was much more than 6 minutes. TDK -R 8x TTG02 @ TYG02 16x burns didn’t seem to be fast either.
Can it just “cheat me” performing P-CAV burns at lower speeds, even when it says higher? Could someone suggest me what to do to have nice fast burns?


Some media just isn’t going to burn at those faster speeds. I think WOPC of the Benq also prevents it from burning discs it doesn’t feel are “able” to reach those speeds even though they are available in the write strategy.


You can’t overspeed 4x -R media with B7U9 and B7V9.

If you want to overspeed -R 4x you will have to use B7T9!

You could have read this here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=124905


When the DW1620 is performing its lead-in, I believe it does a “power calibration” of sorts, a kind of mini-test to check if the burn speed you set is possible with the quality of the disc you are trying to burn. If your disc fails this “mini-test”, it will automatically switch to a lower speed. I’m guessing it’s 12x or even 8x in your case.


Interesting statement. I assume you have’t read this.


But can one just go back to a previous firmware, just by executing the B7T9 firmware file?


YES. :wink:

Don’t forget to run your “new” firmware through MCSE first for read speed patch and other “adjustments” though.


The bug whereby 4x DVD-R media could not be overspead on newer firmwares has been fixed in the latest versions of MediaCodeSpeedEdit



Thanks for the info!


Thanks for response.
I used MediaCodeSpeedEdit V1.0.4.15 to patch firmware, so theoretically it should work. Actually drive was flashed with modified firmware for the first time in less than half an hour after delivery :smiley:

masotime - your theory seems to explain it; lead-in seems to take pretty much time. Before creating test disc with nero, I had max 16x listed in disc info, and after burning, there was 8x in the same place

4x media I tried to burn at 16x, was just to test. It was LEADDATA1, which is so bad, that it’s hard to get reasonable results even at 4x. I just wanted to burn TDKs at 16x.

Anyway, could someone tell me that it’s certainly not hardware fault?