DW1620 or wait for DW1640?



I’m currently a long time Pioneer DVD burner user, had the 106, 108 and now using the 109. I’ve been contemplating getting a BenQ unit to compliment my Pioneer, but not really sure if I should go ahead and get the DW1620 which can be had for about $65 CAD w/taxes for the OEM model currently, or hold out for the release of the DW1640 in Canada. I know the no brainer would be to wait for the 1640, but will it provide me with anything new that my Pioneer won’t do? Main reason I want the BenQ drive is for scanning and to write on +R media since the Pioneer is generally best for -R media (though I am using the Buffalo firmware which bitsets all +R media to DVD-ROM). Any opinions would be appreciated, thank you.


PLEASE do a search. There is at least one other active thread about this.




The thread you speak of does not really discuss anything about complimenting my Pioneer 109 though, that’s a big factor hear for me as well… I still would like opinions if anyone wishes to provide.