DW1620 or DW1625?



Can i assume a DW1625 Lightscribe is everything on the 1620 + more ?

I can buy a full retial kit 1625 in black which would be good

even better would be an equiv with a better front !

not fussed if its a bit more but want to retain the quality

suprised there isnt an MSI equiv

thanks !


The 1625 has everything the 1620 does except support for over speeding media unless you really want the Lightscribe feature I’d go with the 1620.


Nope, the DW1620 is a better burner still as the 1625 does not overspeed any media and is only an 8x writer on -R media currently. Whether or not any of this changes who knows, but personally, lightscribe is not worth losing performance over right now, especially since LS discs don’t even look that great. BTW, I have a DW1620 at home and at the office we have a DW1625, so I’ve had a chance to try out both.


Why MSI all of a sudden?


MSI have used BenQ in the past in their own brand writers but as far as I can see none of usual suspects AOpen, Asus, MSI etc have jumped on the Lightscribe bandwagon with a re-badged 1625 could be they are not interested or licensing issues.