DW1620 OEM won't burn DVDs

Hi, I followed an instruction somewhere in this forum and upgraded my DW 1620 firware to B7P9

But, i cannot burn DVD stills, i can burn cd just fine.

Here is some of the details

  • Ran a few test run in Nero, all failed with an error
    Session Fixation Error
    Cannot preform end of Disk-at-once

  • Tried to burn a data DVD with CDburnerxp Pro, failed with an error at 99%
    " Writting Error: (3) Erroe occured writing data to disc
    A NT disk I/O operation failed (1054)
    Error Sense Data: Sense Key: FF ASC: 4 ASCQ:5D

Media i am using: Memores DVD-R 4.7GB
My DW1620 is in slave, could this be the problem?

  • when i put a media in the drive, the green light never stop lighting

-My system: XP professional sp2, P4 2.53g Asus mother board , 516 ram.

Please help me a litteā€¦thanks

Which exact drive to you have - OEM or retail? If OEM, which one? Also, which firmware version came on your drive originally? And, how did you flash your drive - what method did you use and which firmware version is on your drive currently?