Dw1620 not reconized in Alcohol + can't write track at correct pos

Hi All,

I just bought it a couple nights ago, installed , the very first DVD I burn turned out to be a coaster…my excuse to that is because I only have 200 MB on my hard drive and that it doesn’t have enough room to swap files or something… second disc was data just a bunch of .rmvb files, no problem done in about 12 mins at 4x… the third is .avi movie, used nero visionexpress to burn , no problem at all…now, trying to burn the 4th disc, but haven’t got to that yet, I wanted to have 3 vcds all burn to one dvd, so used the visionexpress again spent a long time to convert the files to one nero image thinking I can then burn the image afterwards…it turned out that nero won’t even touch the disc, just said something like ‘Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder…’ so is it really the burner or not, anyone has this kind of experience? also Alcohol won’t let me burn the image either, any idea?

more info on the media , foftware installed, dma mode…

I guess I know what is the problem. Nero says this when you try to burn DVD image, but in the “Burn DVD Image” window in the upper left corner, you have “CD” selected like this:

select dvd then :slight_smile:

Alcohol 120% needs the latest “device patch” to support and work ok with dw1620

Great…thank you very much…Googled it and found the file…

I was using nero express at the time and you know how it has a bar at the bottom that shows how much room left on the disc etc…and it does show the limit at 4.7GB…so I guess it knows I want to burn DVD ? or do it still need to change anyway?

I have found the patch for Alcohol, just finished burning the Nero image I created from 6 VCDs (using VisionExpress) , worked great…however, another problem I have now is that you know how VCDs have 2 langauages and usually with the VCD or DVD machine , I can just change the left or right channel and it will get rid of one of the langauage, but with this DVD disc I burnt I have no option to do that and it plays with both lanaguage going together…it is so funny and almost not watchable…anyone can help? …please…putting VCDs together on DVD is my main purpose of buying this burner…any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use Tmpgenc DVD author to convert VCD to DVD, it has option to seperate the channel so you can choose between langauges.

great, I now got Tmpgenc and saw that option but I haven’t tried it yet, waiting to get one more VCD and author together…thank you for your help…