DW1620 not detecting blank media

I’ve had my benQ DW1620 for about a year and I just ran into the problem. The drive doesn’t detect my blank dvd’s (Verbatim DVD-R, 16X). I have gone through 50-60 of these discs without issue, but now I pop in the disc and it doesn’t read. Nero says there’s no disc in the drive will read burned discs just fine though. I haven’t changed any burn software or otherwise…the only thing it may be is I installed a trial version of a hard drive monitor before the problems started, but have since uninstalled with no effect. Here is what I have tried:

  1. Numerous restarts
  2. re-flashed drive the the B7W9 firmware
  3. Checked IDE settings and it is still in the DMA mode
  4. Banging my head against a door.
  5. Different burn software (dvd shrink)

I have searched and found that others have had similar issues but I have yet to see a solution. Any suggestions on how to fix this…if not… what’s the best buy for around $50?


The Benq 1620 is known for just up and dieing when you least expect it. This could be the case with yours. If you have another machine to try it in you could verify that it’s not a software problem. If it remains the same then it has probably gone to the DVD burner playground in the sky. You can pick up a BenQ 1650/1655, Lite on 6S series or an LG H10A/H10N for under $50.00 and they are all great drives, although the LG will not do a quality scan. Hope this helps.:slight_smile: