DW1620 no can burn RITEK D01 (DL)...ever

Hi, folks. So, I have a trusty DW1620 which I’ve had for several years now. I love this drive. I mean, I <b>love</b> it. The DW1620 and YUDEN000 media are like a match made in heaven. Well, a mini hiccup in the DW1620 <-> Yuden relationship came my way as I recently was given a 10-pack of Memorex DVD+R DL media (ie, RITEKD01 media) as a gift.

I’ve never done any DL burning as of yet, but even I know never to buy this crap. But, even as horrible as the RITEKD01 media is supposed to be (specifically at the layer break), I’m not able to get even one marginal burn. See attachment. So, I have a few questions…

Is my DW1620 even capable of burning DL discs? It’s running fw B7W9. I burn at 2.4x, but after 5+ burns, each one is a coaster. Is the media that bad, or am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried burning with Nero, and DVDDecrypter…same junky results. Basically trying to narrow down whether the media is consistently crap or if my drive might just not be able to handle DL burning.


Certainly don’t blame the 1620 for this. If it failed with Verbatim 2.4x +R DL media that would be another thing but with this Ritek stuff it really hasn’t much of a chance.

Some burners are able to do a poorish burn with this media while others will totally fail.

Use Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer media then you’ll have no problems and use ImgBurn to burn instead of Nero & Dvd Decrypter. Ritek is considered trash media. :wink:

I’ve run through seven of the ten discs and each one has been complete crap coaster material (when checked by CD-DVD Speed). I <b>know</b> RITEKD01 DL is crap… but is it reasonable that out of ten discs at least one would be okay?

It amazes me that a well-branded company like Memorex would put their name on this kind of rubbish.

Memorex was once a respected media supplier but those days are long gone. Now the media they supply is of a poor & highly variable quality.

Why do you expect 1 disc in the pack to burn better than the others? If the 1620 can’t burn 1 it can’t burn the others. Part of the problem is that the firmware hasn’t been updated for a while now and unfortunately never will.

Use Verbatim dual layer and you’ll have no coasters. IMHO Memorex was never a well branded manufacturer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Assuming I use quality media (such as verbatim DVD+R DL) and with the current firmware being what it is (I have B7W9) is the DW1620 capable of dual-layer burning?

Sure why not? Use Imgburn to burn Verbatim dvd+r dual layer media and you’ll be fine. You’re not going to know if you don’t. Just remember not to use Nero to burn DUAL LAYER media.

I just started using Imgburn. Love it!

:bigsmile: Good to hear that!