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I recently bought a dw1620 oem and I’m completely lost. I have a couple of questions… I’m hoping I came to the right place for some assistance.

  1. In device manager, it doesn’t say Benq dw1620… It says ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 as the device. How do I get it working properly?

  2. What firmware should I be using? I currently have G7Z9. I’ve uploaded a screen shot of Nero Infotool for my drive… Can you please tell me if everything looks ok, or not?

All help is appreciated. I apologize for being so ignorant.


From the FAQ: How do I cross flash the firmware on my OEM/re-badge BenQ 1620 drive?

I would suggest firmware B7V9 (the latest). After crossflash the drive will be recognized as “BenQ DVD DD DW1620.”

I noticed that your is RPC1 already… I don’t know if that is common for a new OEM.


You will need to crossflash your drive from the “G” firmware to the “B” firmware.

It says ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16 as the device
this is because you have the “G” firmware. By crossflashing it to the “B” firmware you will get the BENQ 1620 show up in device manager.

Download the WinDWFlash exe file and B7P9 CVT.file from this site:

To flash the drive make sure there is no disc in it, turn off all progams running in the background such as ANTIVIRUS then double click on the WinDWFlash.exe file, then direct it to where ever you have the B7P9 CVT file. Let it flash then reboot the pc. You may also flash the drive in SAFE MODE if you want. Then click on device manager and you will see BENQ 1620. From here you can use the latest firmware B7V9 by downloading it from here:

Good luck and welcome to the BENQ forum. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I appreciate the responses… I will try the suggestions later today, when I get home from work.

Looks like a great forum, will enjoy my stay here.

Thanks again,