DW1620 media testing - only at 1x with NeroDVDSpeed and DVDInfoPro?

Hi all,

well I guess the subject says it all - can the DW1620 do the media testing for PI/PIF with DVD Info Pro and Nero CD-DVD Speed only at 1x speed or is it because I have an older firmware (G7L9) ATM? Also PIF always is Zero, maybe PIF testing was added in a later revision?

Just asking because that would be a reason to upgrade (what I want to postpone as long as possible right now).

TIA for your answer and greetings.

You need at least a ‘P’ firmware, so you should upgrade to G7P9.

Thanks! “G”=bulk=oem firmware will do as well, I suppose? Will try that later.

G7P9 should work fine if you don’t feel like cross-flashing yet. Good luck!

Thanks for the answers. Indeed it does work fine!

I flashed to G7P9, now media testing with Nero CD-DVD Speed

  • runs at every speed I set (starts slower, ends faster, as usual)
  • display PI Failures as well.

I am not sure but it seems the “Quality Testing quality” (I tried 4x and max here) keeps the same no matter the speed, the differences are about 10% at most and do not alter the basic result (Disc Quality). Nice…

I attached two graphs (in one pic), same ISO DVD burned on LG GSA-4163B at 8x speed, tested with 4x and Maximum speed on the BenQ. Orange lines added for “orientation”. It´s amazing!