DW1620 Media Help

Could someone help with the Benq 1620 B7P9, Q Scan V 1.0 states my DVD+RW disc as not supported, but Nero disc info tool states media as Verbatim MKM A02 DVD+RW. I am not sure why the Q Scan Tools says that this disc as not supported, thought the DW 1620 had DVD+RW support. I am new to this Benq DW 1620 and DVD disc. Thank you in advance for any information.

BENQ____DVD_DD_DW1620_B7P9_05-January-2005_10_04DVD RW Info.png
TEFE DVD+RW info1.jpg


Everything’s allright with your BenQ :iagree:

The QScan-Tool does only support scans on DVD+/-R
and not on DVD+R DL or DVD+/-RW !!

This has nothing to do with the funktion of normal burning :wink:

Hope it was a help for you…

Greets, Matze

Thank you for your reply, I must of overlooked that information in the pdf manual.