Dw1620 Led

I just got a retail DW1620 and flashed it to B7M9. I may be having problems with it in StorTecc external enclosure with Prolific 3507 chipset but that’s another thread.

When burning a DVD the led briefly flashed green then back to orange/red-is that a buffer underrun or normal behavior? The burns on TDK Richohjpn-R02 8x@8x, Taiyou Yuden T02 8x@8x have been less than stellar, but the one burn on a Sony Ricohjpn-R01 4X@4x was ok per CD Speed.



jrsdsl, I want to get the StorTecc ext. enclosure w/ the Prolific chipset as well. Are you saying this enclosure isn’t very good with the 1620? Btw, which other thread talks about both products? Do you mean this one started by Netslider? If so, not sure if the Prolific chipset was talked about alongside the BenQ, but I may be wrong.

Do you think it would be better for me to get the NEC ND-3500A instead of the 1620 from your experience with this enclosure? This is the info I needed to know before purchasing either drive. Thx for the news jrsdsl.