DW1620 Installation ?'s

After much soul and forum searching, I finally decided to join the current technological trend. I have just become the proud owner of a brand new DW1620 and I was hoping I could get some comments and recommendations on the pending installation.

First thing is going to be a format of XP, so I’m going to be needing up to date drivers, are there any suggestions? Are there any tweaks I can do to make sure I have the quickest running set-up? Will the stock XP drivers be good enough or should I hunt down up to date drivers? My motherboard is an ASRock K7VT6 with VIA VT8237 Southbridge, and I’ve read in some places that VIA isn’t the greatest for IDE Control. Is this true?

Second, how should I physically install it? I currently have two hard drives, my primary master as my OS, and my secondary master as my storage, with my CDRW as the secondary slave. What would be the most efficient order to hook them up? Also, I have a couple 24 inch rounded IDE cables. Should I use them or are they too long?

Lastly, as this is my first DVD Burner, what tools do I need and what guides should I be reading to learn how to use my burner to it’s maximum ability? I am a tweaker at heart and am willing to learn whatever it takes to get the most out of my new drive. I’m not going to worry about mastering videos yet but am planning on getting into it down the road so any links to those would be helpful as well.

Well hopefully I haven’t talked your ears(eyes) off with this long winded post, but everyone on this board seems very friendly and helpful, so I figured what the heck.

Any and all comments and/or links are mostly appreciated! Thank you all in advance…

P.S. If anyone in Canada has been thinking about picking one of these babies up, ncix.com has them on for $85 until Nov 2nd.

XP drivers will do as you can’t actually use anything else except for possible using XP drivers for your IDE controllersinstead of VIA, but not for the burner per se. I say use the via drivers to start with and see how it goes. I’m not sure what the best mothod is for hooking your burner up. I have store on one IDE and optical drives on another, but that doesn’t mean mine is the best. Just make sure you set your jumpers correctly on your burner to whatever you set it up for. What brand and type media have you bought? DW1620s prefer + media. For backing up movies try DVD Decrypter to rip with and DVD Shrink for reducing your movies to 1 layer, both are free. ood luck and post back if you need to. After you set it up and it burns well you might consider flashing to the latest firmware.