DW1620 G7H9 Firmware

Hey there

After reading all the posts on 1620 failure i know many others are in my situation, but i cannot return my drive without putting the original firmware back, but it was shipped with G7H9 and I cant find this anywhere. :confused:

Does anyone have this firmware and could send it to me please?

Don’t know why folks are in such a big hurry to cross flash thier drives BEFORE they run about 100 burns through it!
You can put ANY of the G7X9 firmwares on it for return, not the right thing to do however.

You can find G7M9.cvt here:


You can send it back with G7T9 like I did - no problem.

I believe nobody is there to check its firmware so it wouldn’t matter much. But…

A community shouldn’t be used to provide a firmware for the (illegal) recovery of warranty. I hope people are more careful on this. (You can at least pretend you need it for your own test.)