DW1620 Firmware flash failed BADLY :( now what?

This is my first post here, so apologies if I seem a bit n00bish :confused:

I’ve got an Enlight DW1620, which is just a rebranded BenQ DW1620 (you’d never guess, heh).
Just tried to flash the firmware from the one it shipped with (I think it was G7H9) to G7I9, which they make available on their website, after reading that someone else had done this successfully (apparently the G*** firmwares from BenQ didn’t work).

The flashing program seemed to run OK, and prompted me to restart my PC when it finished. When I did this, it hung while booting windows. Having encountered stuff like this before, I figured just restarting again might fix it, and sure enough it seemed to boot ok, up until the point where I logged in. Surprisingly (to me anyway, the flash seemed to have gone fine) it popped up with “Found new hardware” in the bottom corner, like I’d only just connected the drive. Got a bit worried that it said “New CD Drive found” but figured windows would sort itself out. Turns out I was wrong, and about 20 seconds after logging in my PC froze. Wondering if it WAS the DW1620 that’d caused the problem, I tried to open the tray, but it wouldn’t work (my other drive, a CDRW opened an closed fine at this stage). Tried restarting several times, but every time my PC froze, so I opened her up an disconnected the drive, to get on the Internet and see if anyone had any ideas…

So, basically I have one nearly dead (and dangerous) DW1620, that I want to get back (either by flashing it with the original firmware or trying one of the BenQ G*** firmware updates). I guess it’ll be harder since I can’t use windows while it’s connected.

I’ve searched through this forum (and others) and I can’t find any similar posts, or ones which are any help, so apologies if there’s one I missed. I hope someone can help me get my drive back :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help anyone can give!

Here’s my PC specs:

Motherboard: MSI K7N2 Delta-L SKT A 8xAGP DDR400 Nforce2
Processor: AMD Sempron 2500 Processor 256Cache 333FSB
Memory: Corsair 1024MB (2 x 512MB Matched Pair), DDR400 / PC3200, non-ECC, Unbuffered, CL3

IDE0 Master: Quantum Fireball lct15
IDE0 Slave: Seagate Barracuda ST360015A 60GB 7200rpm

IDE1 Master: Arrgo 40x16x48 IDE Internal CD-RW Drive
IDE1 Slave: Enlight DW1620 Dual Layer 16x DVD R/RW

Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon Atlantis 9000 128MB DDR DVI AGP TV-Out

Look on the Dangerous Brothers site. They may have what you are looking for.

Try this… > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=747409&postcount=26 worked for this person. It will make it 4x DL BenQ 1620 Pro !

If you can’t flash in windows, try the Dangerous Brothers DOS flasher on this page. It’s under “Firmware Flashers” and it’s called “BENQ CVT”. You’ll also need the firmware as a CVT file to use this.

I don’t know where you’d find your original firmware, but you can use either the regular BenQ firmware (B-series) or the OEM BenQ firmware (G-series).

You can find a G firmware (GL79) CVT file here.

Or you can find a B firmware (BP79 - the latest one) CVT file here.

rolling56: Thanks for that, but unfortunately the links don’t seem to be working. Also, being called winDWflash.rar makes it sound like a windows app, and I really need something I can do from DOS (well, my win98 boot disk). But yeah, can’t find out until the link is working :confused:

jake8131: I’ve had a look at that site (downloaded the G7M9RPC1 firmware) but again it’s a windows app, which unfortunately won’t be much use in my situation :confused: Thanks anyway though.

I’ve just remembered that I forgot to add in my first post that, while it was freezing windows, the DW1620 was being detected fine by BIOS. Not sure if that’ll be of any help.

ok thanks krkdnose, just tryin that now (was writing that last post as you replied :wink: )

The sites down …sorry…and yes those are windows flash tools…sorry again…

s’ok, I’m about to try flashing using the Dangerous Brothers BenQ CVT DOS flasher, and the G7L9 firmware that krkdnose linked to - I’ll report back when I’m done!

Apologies to jake8131 - I shoulda looked harder at the Dangerous Brothers site :wink:

Good luck ! You sound like you can do it…

OK so it seemed to burn it fine, but after restarting it froze before even getting to booting windows :confused:

I suppose my best bet is to try it using an earlier firmware cvt (starting with G7H9.cvt). Off to BenQ.com I go…

[edit] No I don’t… BenQ.com doesn’t have the *.cvts, forum search it is!

If you can’t find anything…wait awhile someone will have what you need and post it. People are really helpful here.

Righto. I’m still searching the forums (and the web) for a link to a G7K9.cvt or earlier, but if someone can post a link here it’d be much appreciated!

This site is workong now…don’t see what you want f/w wise but there are .cvt files there > http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm

Plenty of B***s but no G***s on there rolling56 :confused:

While waiting for an answer, I might try the crazy crossflashing thing (hey I have nothing to lose right?). Searched through just about every post on here looking for G7H9.cvt or earlier, but no luck yet!

Hopefully aforementioned crazy crossflashing will work (although I don’t see why it should, considering my drive doesn’t seem to like any of the BenQ firmwares I’ve tried so far). I’ll be back with a report in a bit.

[edit] No point trying the crossflashing, all the firmware updates are win32 apps, so any help finding the right .cvt would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

There are .cvt files to crossflash to B7M9 and B7P9 unless you don’t want to try them on that site.

Ah OK, from what I read I thought to crossflash from an oem 1620 to a retail 1620 you had to go via 1600 firmware. Whether that’s the case or not, I’m gonna go an try some retail .cvts
(B7K9, B7M9 and B7P9)

It’s at this point I wish I was any good at hex editing, so I could extract a G7H9 cvt from the exe :slight_smile:

Hmm, got File Read Errors from BENQCVT.EXE for those B***.cvts
Gonna see if changing from my nForce IDE drivers to default Microsoft ones will let me boot to windows with the DW1620 connected. Still in need of any help anyone can offer though :slight_smile:

[edit] nope I was right first time… IDE

SUCCESS!!! :smiley:

Getting rid of the nForce drivers let it boot fine with the DW1620 connected, using the G7L9 firmware! Thanks for the help you guys gave me!

Now, should I risk further firmware updates (or even crossflashing it from oem to retail)???

Maybe another time :wink:

Good deal…i shoulda noticed you had nForce…there are people here that have that same burner flashed to BenQ B7P9…have a good en’

Glad you got it working. I didn’t notice the nForce drivers either or I would have said something.

As to further firmware updates, you shouldn’t have a problem. You can use a window flasher to go to the latest G firmware (G7P9 - There’s a thread here for it). You can also follow the instructions to flash to a 1600 and then to a B-version 1620. Or you can just use the DOS flasher to go directly to the B-Version 1620 using the CVT file.