DW1620 firmware differences

Does anybody know the difference between β€œG” (i.e. G7P9) and β€œB” (i.e. B7P9) firmware?
Is B7T9 the latest and best firmware?


G7 general (OEM), B7 for BenQ

T9 on either is the latest. And other then G or B there is no difference

Does that mean ican use a benq firmware with an oem drive and viceversa?


yes but you have to use none normal way to load it the first time. It has been talked about many times on here and I think you have to load B7H9 then load B7T9 something about B7H9 lets you flash it over g7 but none of the others will.

Look at the β€œsticky” thread above for the Unofficial Firmware page.
That’ll have everything you need.
use a .cvt file to crossflash