DW1620 Drive failure: When did it happen?



Hi all,
I would like to collect some information about if a BenQ writer fails, when? with this poll.
I am not sure if this is important, but it may be of interest to new owner I think.


I think that MIM is beter than MIC.


Good point wwweagle, I should have added to the post asking for the poll:

If your drive failed, please post a follow-up with Bulk=OEM or Retail and when and where it was made and if possible the firmware version printed on the label of the drive which will also make possible .

Fail in first week: OEM, Made in Malaysia, Oct 2004, fw rev G7L9


Both of my BenQ’s have not failed me yet. One if a Bulk BenQ with G7H9 loaded from factory made in September 2004 in China and the other is a Nu-Technology DDW-163 with G7H9 loaded from factory made in September 2004 - can only assume it’s made in Taiwan since that’s the only address indication I can find on the drive on the stickers. Both work about identically to one another. No I’m not falling into this category but thought I’d share. :wink:


It appears that since sometime in September 2004 or at the latest in October the (at least OEM/bulk) drive quality got worse … not sure whether Retail suffered such a quality drop as well, though I start to think so. But possibly BenQ is quicker to get replacement units for Retail out than for bulk (I would not wonder, of course)


November 2004…I/O brand…made in China…OEM G7XX, poor burn quality with Yuden000 T02.


IMO it is fair to think of quality / qual control problems at BenQ when so many drives go defective in the first couple of weeks… or a bad batch of some important parts used inside those drives, which is a QC issue as well I think as a hardware maker should also test samples of the incoming stuff to be sure not to produce bad drives with those parts.

Sloppy incoming QC has killed or nearly killed more than one company I fear.


Yeah,MIM is better than MIC.Most of the MIC product damn low end,use few month can throw away even it’s sell cheap but QC sucks i don’t know why those MIC product so sucks.If MIM compare with MIC i’m prefer MIM cause QC better than MIC,you all can see many PC product also is MIM like Intel Proccessor,AMD Proccessor,WD HD,NEC DVD writer and other all of this product also sell around the world.If you all go and visit taiwanese forum many user say MIC product damn low end they all prefer not use MIC stuff unless the product didn’t made in other conutry.
I’m currently using MIM Benq 1620 Pro it’s december batch 2004,everything work fine.


Malaysia products, on the average, are better than the Chinese counterparts. I’ve seen expensive MIM receivers. Still no high-end MIC receivers.

If I see MIC on the box, then I move on to another product. Should have done the same with the I/O BenQ, but I was really curious about the BenQ drive.


Just to keep this thread on top … :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine starting acting-up after about a week. Even from the first burn, it was acting odd, but it was minor. After three weeks, it’s completely dead. Manufactured in August 2004 in China.


I am so paranoid about BenQ bulk/OEM stuff now that I will send back every drive on the tiniest sign of problems from now on…

I think it is best to send faulty hardware back in the first couple of days, as the dealer has no chance to delay getting you a replacement if it is defective in the first 2 days (at least!).


Just got my new BenQ DW1620, bulk, Oct 2004, Malaysia, DW1620.0C1, fw G7L9 printed on label.

Now waiting for it to warm up …


too bad you guys cant get retail sets in the states…


At least here in Germany, retail is much harder to get … a little bit more expensive, ok, but sometimes simply one can find no dealer who has it. More probably to find a Pro Retail but that one costs more than 1/3rd more than the bulk atm…

Guess all good BenQs are gone because eleewhm bought them all :stuck_out_tongue:


Still warming up? How’s this replacement working out for you?


Had the pc run all night and let the BenQ write test erase a DVD+RW the whole time.

What I see with the new BenQ:

  • DVD-RW writing is much worse than that of my LG GSA-4163B (higher PIE/PIF rate, jitter > 12% and very different all over the disc, had <9% when it came from the LG)
  • DVD-RW erased in BenQ cannot be used anymore in LG
  • DVD-RW written in BenQ can sometimes not be read by LG and never be erased by the LG. Also strange “ring” in the writing area.
  • a DVD+RW I erased fully in the BenQ makes the LG hang on detection of disc info, too. But finally it detects it. Well, until now.
  • an empty DVD-R sometimes makes the drive blink and not stop anymore until I press eject. No eject, though, have to go to “My computer” which hangs for a while and while then allow me to right-click and “eject”

All this didnt happen with the BenQ before (the one I sent back). So I had a defective BenQ exchanged for a bad/partly defective one. Grrr.

That -RW appears to be really dead now, only the BenQ can write and erase it anymore (with bad jitter, again).

I will check other possible causes as well, but why should the LG work really good if there was something fundamental wrong with OS or software?

And I will try to reflash the drive, maybe there was some problem.


The latest firmware may help. I’ve also seen those rings with DVD+RW media and my NEC 3500 if I do a partial burn. A full burn will remove all rings. Always use the quick format option in DVDINFOPRO.

What type of DVD+RW/-RW media are you using? I have Sony/RicohJPN W11 DVD+RW. Have over 40 full burns on one disc. Still going strong.


Well got the info. With the +RW, it is quite normal it takes a moment. The -RW I should not have written in the BenQ. Now it will not work anymore, even less in another drive (2x media written at 2.4x - wrecks media - sound logical to me, but how should I have known? Nero CD/DVD speed not even shows write or erase speed)

My +RW are RicohJPN sth and Verbatim. Work great - only problem is the TDK DVD-RW which I can throw away now (probably). I wont buy any DVD-Minus media from now on anyway - must be a good reason for -R, like quality and price, and definitely no need for DVD-RW anymore.



Add my name to the list with a dead 1620. Retail. September 2004. I didn’t look at originating country, but I haven’t sent it back yet, so I’ll look before I do and report it back. Replacement received was October 2004.

Mine started by not recognizing some blank media, then started not recognizing Pressed discs, and then finally decided that a paperclip was the only way it was going to open the tray. This was over the course af about 2 weeks.