DW1620 conflict with IDE driver- need to update fw

my 1 year old (still new -never used) DW1620 is causing windows to fail to boot due to early firmware release and conflict with nVidia IDE driver. I would just uninstall the nvidia IDE driver but I am using it to control my RAID 0 array so I am afraid to uninstall it. Will the windows generic IDE driver still be able to control the boot drive Raid array?
If so I could reattach the drive and boot windows and update firmware -right? Rolling back driver selectively might work but all IDE drivers have same # (5.18 nVidia ver. 6.53) so I am not sure I can just roll back ATAPI IDE drivers and not the Raidclass IDE driver at same time- confused? I know I am!

I don’t really know how to update firmware- which application just to update firmware to compatible? I believe it is OEM burner and could get fw version with Nero CD speed but cant boot windows with drive connected to examine it!
This is getting pretty damn complicated :confused:

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Drives firmware can be found on label at top of drive…but that’s not your problem right now.

The best way to remove nVidia IDE drivers is through the Control Panel » Add and Remove Programs » nVidia Drivers » Click change/remove » Uncheck IDE drivers only » restart. The drivers should now roll back to the default Microsoft drivers.
Found here

Note, I don’t have nVidia drivers. Can’t test it myself.

Thanks Pinto, I dont think I should just uninstall my Nvidia IDE driver as long as I am using RAID 0 array. I am afraid I might hose the array and become unable to boot. If anyone has another option I would love to hear it!

Perhaps the best answer is to install this drive in an older intel/ or non-Nvidia machine and try to update fw from there??

I would do the same!
Don’t uninstall Nvidia if you are using Nvidia Raid!!

If there is a dos flasher a dos bootdisk would do it :slight_smile:

Yeah you should not uninstall the driver if you are using a RAID array on the same controller however I assume you are using the SATA controllers for the RAID array if so you can safely roll back the driver for the PATA IDE controller that the 1620 resides on (I’ve done it myself in case your wondering).

(If you were mixing in PATA HD’s with the SATA HD’s in a RAID array and the PATA HD was on the same controller as the 1620 then that would be a scenario were you would not want to remove the driver)

There is a dos flasher (BENQCVT) provided by The Dangerous Brothers and latest 1620 .cvt firmware can be found here. :slight_smile:

Note. Use IE or Firefox with “IE Tab” to d/l firmware.

Is using the DOS flashing utility intuitive or is there some instructions that come with it?
My DVD drive is currently set to master as the only drive on IDE/PATA channel
so I assume all I do is save the flasher to floppy and reboot and insert floppy?? Does the CVT firmware need to be saved on same floppy and will I need to enter the bin file name when asked?

The .cvt firmware is compatible with DOS -correct??


The sata and pata driver is using the same driver # (nvidia 0552) even though listed separately in device manager. Also, the IDE driver folder has legacy, PATA, and Sataraid subfolders within it so I suspect that if I roll one back they will all be affected??
I am not running any PATA drives in the array- just Sataraid.


I suggest a 98 bootdisk image burned as a bootable cd in nero with the firmware and flash util in the data cd part of it on a cdrw makes things easy.

velvetsteele, you can create a bootable cd as suggested by Bh420 above. :iagree:

But if you wan’t to use floppys, two floppys are needed. One with bootdisk on (easy created in windoze) and one with BENQCVT and your .cvt firmware.

Is using the DOS flashing utility intuitive or is there some instructions that come with it?
Your answer is in README.TXT file. :slight_smile:

Example when your drive is connected on secondary IDE channel as masted;
BENQCVT -sec -mas -flash B7xx.cvt (Note space between every command).