DW1620: Can't update to the latest firmware

I’ve just buoght an OEM Benq DW1620.

I’ve successfully update the firmware to G7K9 and I restarted Windows XP. Now I can’t update to G7L9 because the flash tool say me “Drive not support!”

What happened??

A number of people have had problems with updating their G series firmware. If you want to take the chance, there’s a way to convert your G Burner over to a B series firmware burner.


Is it safe to update to retail version or may it cause some damage?

It could void your warranty, but let’s just say everyone who posted they tried it has been successful and seems happy.

I’ve done it with a retail boxed I/O Magic IDVD16DD which has Benq DW-1620 written on the data plate.

Unless your that 1 in a thousand that has a bad flash you’ll be very happy that you flashed.

In addition it appears that a lot of the rebadged 1620 have B firmware installed. I think all they have to do is switch faceplates to rebadge it

I had the “G” series BenQ1620 OEM drive and I could not update my firmware so I got together with “yangxi” and he created a conversion for the drive. The one that “hef” referenced above. It works perfectly and I have now upgraded to the latest “M” without any problems. The new “G” is not even out yet, I think it is because they have had problems with the last one. BenQ techs are aware of the conversion that “yangxi” created and are looking into it. So it may not void the warranty after all. But I would rather have an excellent working drive than the one I bought. As far as voiding warranties, even if you flash with the regular firmware you risk voiding it. It is up to BenQ.

what is the “yangxi” conversion?


You can find it here:


If you have any questions PM me

Thank you tinman.

it worked for me too… like a charm