DW1620 - Burning ISO okay, Data-coasters?



Hi all,

I’m a noob in this forum…anyways I have a 800W and a 1620. My 800 started acting up so yesterday I went to buy a 1620, its was OEM but I’ve flashed it to be recognized as a BenQ. Anyways, I’ve been trying all the discs I got at home yesterday and here are the results:

I can burn ISO okay on both DVD+ and - but whenever I try to burn a data disc, the drive doesn’t recognize whatever I’ve burnt or it fails in leading out everytime…I can burn data onto a CDR but not on a DVD. What’s the problem?

I use CloneDVD to backup my movies and it’s fine…I can read it in the drive and also in the dvd-player but when I use Nero to burn Data dvds, it cannot be read anywhere…actually all drives recognize it as being blank or non-existent…

I’ve also noticed several threads mentioning that 1620 is not good for DVD-R media, is that why it’s refusing my vakoss 8x DVD-? (when it successfully recognizes it, it burns at 2.4x only)…or should I just stick to the BenQ 8x DVD+R media, which burnt in CloneDVD at 12x?

btw…can someone teach me how to check disc quality and also the drivers and stuff? I have the nero program but everytime I try to make that ‘image’ of drive speeds, my winxp dies on me

thanks in advance!


Are you using DVD ISO mode? Keep the burn speed at 4X when testing. Use multi-session and leave the disc open.


Do you have the latestest Nero? What version do you have? You might want to update to the latest. Google “cd-dvd speed” and download it (v3.7) and call up the program and then you go to Extra and then Disk Quality Test and on that menu cange the speed at the middle right to 8x. then click start in the upper right.


Dieing XP sounds nice, so here is my favorite paste again…
Post the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.