DW1620 boot problems



When I switch my PC on, it comes up with ‘Secondary Master is not ATAPI compatible; press F1 to continue’. If I go to BIOS, it fails to recognize that anything’s plugged into the sec. IDE position. But - if I press F1 at bootup, Windows loads ok, and the drive burns/reads fine… it’s more of an annoyance that the PC just beeps at me when I switch on. Have I not installed the drive properly - do I need to change something in BIOS, or update the FW?



Is the drive new?

I had the exact same problem when i installed mine. It needed a firmware upgrade to get it working properly. If i remember rightly i had to format and boot into windows 98 to do it, as the problem was only with Windows XP.

This doesnt mean that this is going to be the exact problem that you are having, any idea what firmware it is currently running?