DW1610 problems with Nero

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a DW1610, which I put into an external ADS USB 2.0 case. Using Nero, I’ve had a run of bad results when backing up data onto DVDs. After burning, 20%-40% of my attempts result in an error in Nero’s verify stage.

I’ve tried this with Kodak +Rs, Memorex +Rs, Verbatim -Rs. I’ve dropped the speed from 4x down to 2.4x. I’ve upgraded the drive’s firmware to B8K9. I’ve tried different USB cables. I’ve tried running the drive directly off of my laptop’s USB 2.0 port rather than through a USB 2.0 hub. Nothing is helping.

I have very little confidence in this burner now. Is it a dog, or is there something I should do differently?



Have you upgraded to latest firmware yet? If not, do so. Search for 1610 in the arcihive here and you will find the link to the firmware page. I had all sorts of problems before I upgraded the fw.

Also too different burners regardless of make have had problems with certain external enclosures, making pairing the right external enclosure with the right burner important. Typically firewire does better, not that USB2 can’t, but it’s more finicky.

Thanks for the replies.

alleycat8675309: Yep, I’m on the latest firmware. That made no difference as far as this issue goes.

Vanderlow: I there a chart somewhere of what external cases work well with this burner (or any burner for that matter)?

You might start a new thread asking about external cases. One thing’s for sure, I’d probably get a USB 2.0/firewire case and then if you had to add a firewire card it would probably work. You also might state what country your from.

If you have access to a desktop unit you could install it internally to see if the drive is working ok. Then look for another external enclosure. I have tried a combo usb/firewire with poor results, while my present one is usb only and it seems to write even better than when it is on my ide. I have a Tec-Wind TE-325U2 (www.tec-wind.net) and a BenQ DW1620. Apparently there is a problem with enclosure firewire chipsets. Some work better with hard drives while others work better with DVD’s. You may be safer with straight USB. This is a forum for ideas so I am offering mine.

So Tinman did you try the 325c? Also somewhat related, I know someone posted they had trouble with a NEC burner in a couple of enclosures and they said this Bytecc worked for them. Mind you this was for an NEC burner, but customer comments show it worked for an LG and Lite-on burner too.

It was an offbrand unit and I don’t recall the name or model.