DW1610 firmware (.cvt file)

Does anybody have a .cvt file with a firmware for DW1610?
I tried to crossflash it to DW1620 (by going first to 1600) and now is dead (well not actually, it is recognized as “BENQ DL 1610 FS02”, but the door doesn’t open).
Is there any possibility to extract a .cvt file from the official .exe firmware by Benq, or from another drive?

Any help would be grately apreciated (it’s a brand new drive, I didn’t even had the chance to write one DVD or CD :sad: ).

Best regards.

good luck you might want to try requesting this at rpc1.org.

If you do a search on “cvt” in this forum, I thought that I read where someone gave directions how to convert a exe firmware to cvt. I think I saw a post.

if it were only that easy. you have to understand what you are looking at and doing in order to extract the cvt file from the exe file.

I returned the drive and I got a new one.

But now I found .cvt files for 1610 and 1620. Can benqcvt/WinDWflash restore an (almost) dead drive (like I described below)? (just in case… :slight_smile: )

I’m asking becuase I want to try to flash directly 1610->1620; I think that having the same hardware even if it doesn’t write (correctly) to DL media it should work ok for the rest (I understood that the difference between the 1610/1620 is the laser quality).

DW1610 and DW1620 are different models and cannot be crossflashed.

If you flash a DW1610 with DW1620 firmware, you’ll have a non-functional drive. You can flash the non-functional drive directly with the original DW1610 firmware and the drive will be operational again.

why would you think it will work this time. if it didn’t work with 1600 firmware, what makes you think it will be different with 1620 firmware since they are both the same drive

Returning drives after you purposefully voided the warranty is unethical. If you’re not willing to assume the risk, you shouldn’t be playing around.

Thanks wuman, it’s what I needed to know.

I want to try because the first time I hexedited the (exe) file to be able to flash and I have my doubts that I did it right as the firmware version afterwards was really strange (FS02).
From other posts I read, I understood that the hardware for both drives it’s the same, just that the drives that can’t write well enough to DL media are branded as 1610 (might be wrong though). Even if I don’t have DL writing, having a 1620 might be an advantage as the firmware is updated more frequently, more tests, better quality, etc.

If it’s ethical or not it’s arguable, as there is no hardware damage. They checked the drive and they said they were replacing it under warranty, so if they didn’t had anything against…

Tried to crossflash the 1610 to 1620 (B7P9) and indeed didn’t work (again I got the same 1610 FS02 that didn’t open the tray). Flashed back with B8M9 and working ok. So I’ll just have to wait till I find a real 1620 (or a 1600) in my area (or use my 822 for DL).


Returning drives after you purposefully voided the warranty is unethical. If you’re not willing to assume the risk, you shouldn’t be playing around.

I agree with this too. I’m kind of surprised that BenQ RMA actually let you return the drive and better yet, give you a new drive. They are really generous in this regard. The returned drive can’t be repackaged and be sold again and they had to swallow it.