Dw1610 bizarre problem

Hi guys,

I’ve had this drive for 6 months or so. Seemed to be working fine… newest firmware available was installed when I purchased, there’s no newer one out yet.

I bought this huge spindle of 100 DVD+Rs (BenQ brand conincidentally).

Now that I’m halfway through, the weirdest thing happens: if I put a blank in the drive, all of a sudden Windows explorer will report the drive as a “CD-ROM Drive” when moments ago it was a “DVD-RW Drive”.

If I try to burn one of these disks with nero, it reports as fine and then is unreadable by any DVD Drive, itself included.

I tried to burn a DVD rewritable disk and it works fine, but any of the BenQ DVD+R disks do the same thing.

I’ve even tried re-flashing the newest firmware, but no dice.

Does anyone have the faintest idea what is happening?

Thanks for your time & expertise!

  • Don

I have got 2 spindles of those Benq media, they ended up in the trash!!! There seems to be some really really nasty batches!!!
The fact that your drive is changing from DVD-RW to CD-rom when a media is inserted is perfectly normal!!

Its really nothing to worry about. Its just a windows thing, it wont cause you any problems.

That message is normal. Remember that Windows doesn’t support +R/RW