Dw-u18A Again

Hi all !

Well, i’ve been searching how to succeed in changing my Dw-u18a into Dru700a with many method.
I started to changed this, because my Sony won’t burn Verbatim media at 8x.

I have backup up the firmware the first time i’ve used lntfw : the original UFS2 ^^.

It’s seems that i have a belt driven tray, because each time i use a 812s or omnipatcher firmware i can’t open the drive anymore…

I’ve read : the dw-u18A is a Liteon 812s.
and there’s a misunderstanding within Sony DRU700A-Liteon832s-Liteon812s-Sony Dw-U18A for me.

Now, as i can’t make it work properly, i’ve returned to USF2 BUT when i burn a dvd with nero, it’s say 8min to finish, and the remaining time counter is at 0 while the progress bar is only at 72%…

The burn process complete succesfully but i have pb reading the burned dvd…

I make a drive speed test see the attached file.

I just want to know if there is someone who have the same pb in flashing dw-u18a ? and how to suceed in (many people have suceed why not me ?)

Thx A lot for any help ^^


Hi, and welcome!

1/ Yes, it’s belt-driven, so you can’t use any of the standard firmwares. Only firmwares that begin with “UFS” or “VFS” (if you OmniPatched a UFS or VFS firmware, you can use those as well)

2/ The Nero thing is normal. Nero only gives an estimate of the time needed. If underestimates (which it tends to do… a lot), then it’ll reach zero before it actually finishes. Ignore it.

3/ If you have a problem reading back then burned DVD, then please post more information. Please see the posting guidelines of this forum (see the announcements section at the top of the forum) for some tips about what kind of information would be useful to provide.