DW-Q58A DEAD. I need firmware in *.bin format

Hello all!!

I have SONY DVD/CD rewritable drive and it is dead after firmware upgrade :slight_smile: Laptop can’t recognize it when system is starting.

Now, i have external programmer and i wan’t to write firmware direct to flash chip but nowhere i can’t find firmware for this drive IN *.BIN format. Everywhere is firmware in *.EXE format.

Please help me. Where i can find this file??

There is data from sticker:

DP/N 0YC640     Made in China
| | | | there is barcode | | | |                      | | barcode | |
CN-0Yc640-55081-65K-40QZ                                REV A00
Manufactured Date: May 2006                           Model: DW-Q58A-DS