DW-Q58A-Burn Errors

Hi,all. Are there any way to go back to the original firmware again?
I have a Sony DW-Q58A drive. I flashed it with all the firmwares i could get my hands on in my chase to get the functionality back again. The first time i flashed it i just wanted to reset my region changes, but then the drive started to burn bad sectors and stuff, then when i tried to read the discs i ended up with a frozen computer, and had to reboot.
I tried to flash the dell-firmware, but it wont accept the firmware i have now (UYS3). How can i fix this? As it is right now it is a waste of discs to burn, since the drive makes errors on every disc i burn. The funny thing is that the errors occurs on the exact same spot on every disk burnt, after 80% testtime in Nero CD-DVD Speed. It worked perfect before with my Verbatim discs. Are there any hope? Or do i have to empty my wallet to be able to burn without errors again?