DW Q30A How to flash

Hi i have a big problem i want to burn my DVDs in 1x speed but my burner burns only at 6x minimum.i know we can flash our burners fr having slower burn rate but i don’t know how.

can somebody help me?it will be great if i could burn at 1x

it’s SONY, with liteon chipset; and 5th Generation Standard (5S)


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IIRC Sony Q30A aka 1635S can burn as low as 2.0x/2.4x on dash/plus media*. This ofcourse depending of media (discs) you’r using.'
Sometimes MCSE can come handy to change media ID/ burn speed.

Burning backups of games at 1x speed only is just a myth. Forget it. :flower:

*Think some old dvd-rw media will burn at 1x with 5S drives, not sure though.

damn…i can’t change the speed of DVD’s on mediacode speed editor, it’s grey on 1 x and 2x and 4x sometimes.how do i do?