DW-Q120A wont recognize +RW DVDs

I have the Sony DW-Q120A drive which worked flawlessly until now. I am trying to burn a few RW discs (Office Depot). The first 4 went fine without any issue. Since then I am having problems.
With Nero, I got to the final part of the write process (write lead out) and it failed. With Ashampoo and Alcohol, I noticed that the disc was being recognized as a CD and hence “not enough space”.
I reflashed the firmware (PYS3) but the same result. The drive does recognize standard DVDs (non RW) but it will not even read the first 4 DVDs that were written by the same drive.
I read about cross flashing but would like to get some advice on whether this will even help in such a situation. I do not have any other brand of RWs with me but can give that a shot.
Please help.

Try to do first a FULL erase with ImgBurn on the RW disc. Many people refer that ImgBurn was able to recover a rewritable media not usable with nero.


some options in Alcohol and Deamon Tools (something like “hide rewriteable media” or similar) prevent the system from dealing correct with RW discs. Locate that option and disable that. See if this works and report back please.


Thanks to both of you. I did get the DVD to burn using ImgBurn. What I did was erase the disc using ImgBurn. THen when I attempted to use Alcohol, the same error persisted (not enough disc space). After this I used UltraISO to make an ISO file of the content. Using ImgBurn, I was then able to burn the ISO file to the DVD+RW. SO at this time I dont know if the problem is with my drive or the media. Just to test, I erased a second RW in ImgBurn and then tried to use it with Nero 8. THis time, it reported sector errors on the media.

I think that the problem is a wrongly set option in Alcohol. I don’t have alcohol so I don’t know exactly what is the option to check, but I read other persons having the same issue with Alcohol. Try to do a search in the forums, I’m sure that it was already answered :slight_smile:

ImgBurn is able to create ISO files by itself, and actually, in build mode you don’t need at all to create an ISO file first, but you can burn files directly on a disc. See in my signature an example how to use ImgBurn in build mode :slight_smile:

try to check this in Alcohol:

View -> Options -> Emulation:
“Ignore Media Type” should be unchecked/unticked

Just wanted to update this post. Alcohol has not worked and lately even ImgBurn reports “Power Calibration Error” while burning an image. If it suceeds in burning the image, then it reports an error while verifying the image (Synchronising cache). So I am not sure if the drive is faulty or the media is bad. I have had some success with CloneCD since yesterday. Except for one DVD where it attempted to overburn, all others have written fine.