DW-Q120A Will not read CD-Roms, plays DVD and DVD-Roms

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I have a Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A drive. Windows XP (SP2) Recognized it as that model and installed the drivers cdrom.sys, imapi.sys, redbook.sys, storprop.dll

It has the firmware out of the box PYS1 I assume? (I do not how to check it.)

It plays Movie DVDs and DVD-Roms just fine. It even read CD-RW data discs I wrote myself on my CyberDrive CW088D. It will not my Play Audio CDs or my older CD-Rom games discs I tried about 15 discs and it does the same thing everytime. The drive starts to spin up makes a clicking noise and slows down, then repeats the same cycle again over and over and over.

Does this drive not read this type of Disc? It has the “compact disc” icon on the box.

Do I need to upgrade the firmware? I saw lots of possible choices on this forum and don’t know what is the latest/best for this model drive. PV96WIN.EXE PYS2WIN.EXE or something else?

Is it possible the drive is defective? It will read DVDs does it use a seperate head to read CDs and that is whats making the click noise?

I just want to be able to put CDs into my Drive and have them work :a

I can always put my CyberDrive CW088D drive from my old computer into this one but I would really like to get my current drive to work.

Any advice is appreciated, I’m not very good at hardware. All this info I got from this forum and I really don’t know what it means myself. Thank You :bigsmile:

I have been reading the forum and saw “Starforce” mentioned several times about drives not reading discs. If I remember correctly I think a game I installed required this as part of the installation process. I’m going to see if I can find some way to remove it.

Update: I found a site about Starforce and they had instructions to see if you have it on your system. Sure enough I did. They also have a utility to remove it. http://www.glop.org/starforce/
It sucessfully removed starforce, but I am still having the same trouble reading CDs.

So I put another drive into my machine that I bought a while back but never ended up using. a Sony DVD-ROM DDU1632 and the CD-ROMs work just fine in it. Apparently the clicking noise in the DW-Q120A was just a mechanical failure? It must have 2 laser heads in it I guess?

Anyways this drive works but is slower and makes a lot of noise plus another drive for the Power Supply to power but I guess it works for CDs.

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