DW-Q120A can't burn dvd's

Hi, I recently purchased a DW-Q120A burner and am having trouble getting it to burn dvds. It can read and burn CDs, and read DVDs, but when I tried to burn dvd’s, either using DVD shrink, DVDfab decrypter or even just dragging a text file onto the disk, it gives an error saying something along the lines of being unable to create the folder/directory. I have tried two types of media, Sony DVD-r’s from a stack and jewel cases Memorex DVD-r’s. I also thought it might be a firmware issue, so I updated from PYS1 to PYS2 but to no avail. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, have you tried a real DVD burning software like Nero? Also, dragging a file onto a disc does not work, as Windows’ own burning engine only supports CD media.