DW-G120A/SHM-165P6S problems



I just purchased the drive from Newegg.com. Came yesterday and installed it. it powers up, but will not play any media at all. I’m new to these types of drives (not afraid to admit it). what should I do or try?
I would like to fix it if I can,before trying to RMA it.
Any help would be appreciated.


is the ide cable connected?

i once forgot to plug in the ide cable of my dvd-rom. since then the drive stays in my computer without beeing used, no desire to open the case to connect it.


Yes its connected. It tries to play a cd, but only hits the first couple bits of the song. It also gives the error about switching to analog instead of digital. Would the sound & video cards have something to do with it? i am running on the motherboard, but do have soundblaster and nVidia cards to try. Any Ideas?



It’s very strange. Try to uninstall this burner from your computer and install it again, reading the manual, and installing all cables. Pay attention to master/slave jumper setting in you burner. Ideally you shall install your burner in the secondary IDE, using 80 wire IDE cable and configuring the jumper in the back of your burner in the Master position.

Do not forget the audio cable.

After rebooting, go to My Computer, Properties, Harware, Device Manager, IDE ATA/ATAPI (double clicking), select (double clicking) the IDE port where your burner is attached to, select Advanced Configurations and check if “DMA if available” is highlighted in Transfer Mode.