DW G120 problems

:sad: was satisfied with my g120 but then i started noticing that several movies I burned had pixelization problems. I figured it could have been the media or nero but when it could not read the disc that came with my SE phone, I came to the conclusion that my drive was starting to go south.

Just wanted to get an opinion on two things:

  1. Are these really symptoms of a defective drive - the pixelization and inability to read an original product support cd ?

  2. Is the 820A a better replacement than an 810A? Or should I just get a new G120 again ?

Thanks !

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

sounds like drive problems. what’s with warranty? i wouldn’t buy another g120.
i think the 810a is the better drive, it can be crossflashed to benq a dw1640.

Thanks for the reply. Checked with the shop - they no longer have an 810A so no choice but to get an 820A. BUT I decided to get a backup so I will also be gettting a 1640 at another shop :slight_smile: