DW-D56A DVD Burning Difficulty



I am having intermittent difficulties with a Sony Vaio DVD Burner. I have performed every type of troubleshooting I know including cleaning the lens, reformatting the computer, trying multiple media, multiple burning programs, and I’ve uninstalled the drive several times. I’m using 16x media and it’s a 8x burner but I only get any positive results when I burn at 4x and even then it’s roughly half coasters. Large amounts of information burn poorly and many pictures only half burn (half the image is gray when I attempt to load them from the DVD on other computers). Is this drive just dying? It reads and writes CDs just fine and I can watch DVDs on it without issue.


It might just be the media you use so what brand & what Media ID? The latter can be got by using CD-DVD SPeed and the disc info tab.


I have been using Memorex with a Verbatim Media ID primarily. I know Memorex isn’t know for its quality but other media like TDK seems to have very little difference.