DW-D22A doesn't burn SL -R after burning DL Disk (Illegal Disk)

Hi Guys,
Interesting situation.
Sony DW-D22A was working fine with DVD-r disks till i had to burn dual layer DVD. After that when I want to make a disk copy of DVD-r disk burning Util says - Illegal Disk, Double Layer Disk is reqired.

Software - drivers, OS etc doesn’t play any role. I have two disk with the same OS installation. After trying burn DL usin “1-st” installation the Second one doesn’t work eather.

Looks like Bit responsible for media recognition got in stuck.

Did anybody faced similar problem?

Any sugestion are welcome.

They do, but the main point is the used media.

Solution Found,

Had to install latest Firmware available at the moment: 710A_BYX5
After drive been updated problem disappeared by itself.

P.S. restart computer right away after upgrade finished.

Good luck to all.