DW-D18A (gear driven) refuses to reognize -R media

I have a Sony DW-D18A (Rebadged Lite-On SOHW-832S) And some Memorex 4x DVD-R media that this drive refuses to see. I’ve tried searching the forums here and other places, and have tried pretty much every firmware out there that was mentioned. Note that it has no problem reading pressed DVDs, and works just fine for CDs. I’ve not tried +R media because I don’t want to go to Fry’s and spend 40$ on a stack of +R when I have all these -R discs here.

Anyone have any ideas? If you have any questions, just ask and I’ll tell you what I know. Also, this is my first post here, so be nice, please. =)

Hi there!

First, have you read this thread?

If that doesn’t help, then could you please be more specific as to what you mean? Does it not recognize burned media? Or blank media? What kind of errors do you encounter? Are there any strange noises or anything unusual that may be worth pointing out?

It doesn’t recognize blank -R media. It recognizes everything else (blank, burned, or pressed), and writes everything else, just fine. No strange noises, nothing out of the ordinary. A really good drive all around, just won’t see my blank -R media.

Are you able to get a Disc Info report using KProbe2 (under one of the menus)?

Well, I fixed it. I hate it when I fix things this way though… I tripped over an ethernet cord, and ended up knocking down my computer. No idea how that could ever help, but it certainly did. For the record, before I fixed (?) it I did get disc info in KProbe2 one time, and that was it.

Hehe. I just hope that this method of repair didn’t end up breaking more things than it fixed. :wink: