DW 822 A upgrade?

one question about the Benq DW 822A!
Is it posible perhaps in future to flash the dw 822A to a higher model number?
Perhaps with more than 8x speed with dvd+r??
perhaps to a dw 1600 ??

if no one don´t see a posiblity for those upragde
i´m also glad about a short information what a new firmware

Hopeing on answers soon!

I´m happy about every answer and also a yes or no!

Thanks in advanced

P.S.: on the unofficial firmeware page was or is a review with the name
8x @ 12/16X but the link is a dead link ???!!!

As far as I know it is possible to flash it to the 830. I do not think it will be possible to get to the 1600, as this i imagine will have completely different hardware.

Hope this helps