DW 1650 which firmware?



So I did some testing right now the burner has the latest BCIC firmware on it and threw in some good old Verbatim 16X +R’s (old batch which I have kept for a year now) and I got a 94% result which is weird cuz with my old 1620 I would get 98,99% quality rating with the exact same media.

I’ve always burnt them at 12x.


I use BCDC on both my 1650’s, which has been good enough for me - I haven’t felt the need to try other firmwares.

Tried messing with various QSuite settings?


Hi :slight_smile:
It is my belief that with the advent of the 1640 & SolidBurn.
Added to which media appeared to be less consistant (quality wise) too.
BenQ f/w for the SB capable drives were/are less precise.
So earlier drives with basic settings may well be at least as good. If not better.
However if you accept the capabilities of SB then in the long run.
With ‘Learned Media’ the 1640/1650/1655, should equal the best. If not surpass it.
Using SB can have a downisde, in that a rogue disc. New batch etc.
Can throw the learning process off.
This should, if acquiring media from the same source (in theory) be minimal.
Sticking on the topic of SB, if you use it.
The only gain (again in theory for the better media like TY Verbatim) is that SB would be enhanced.
So learn quicker & better.
Although because of the Lite-On influence. the 1650/1655 f/w has not been developed in a way that gives any hope of this happening.
So stick with what you’ve got is my opinion.