DW-1650 vs. DW-1670: which one do you recommend?


I need another writer for my PC, and since I already have a BenQ1640 in my first computer, I thought of getting another BenQ again.

The question now is, which one to go for: the 1650, or the 1670, which one is better concerning writing quality and scanning capabilities? Or would a Liteon finally be a better choice nowadays?

I’m quite unsure, I already own a Benq1640 and an LG H10N, so which one would be a good additional choice?



You should try a Lite-On 165P6S or a Pioneer 111 both are very good and solid drives and burn most media well. From what I hear the 1670 is not a very good drive and can’t scan, some people have even called it a lemon. If you already own a 1640 the 1650 is basically the same drive so it would be smarter trying a completely different drive, that way it gives you more options with different media. Also the Lite-On is a great scanner :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call the DW1670 a lemon, Mine is producing burns comparable to my DW1650 or better with some media. It does not scan but there also other good drives out there that do not as well. You have to use MCSE to change the write strategy for 16x to 12x, but I consider that a minor inconvenience. And the small handful of 16x burns I have done are very very good for 16x

I chose Pioneer 111D after full reading of reviews because it’s better reading, higher quality burns with all media types and semmingly fewer user problems reported. However, if I felt I had to get a Benq, I’d either get the 1650 or await a full 1670 review to make the choice.

Now that the new firmware is out the 1670 is a very good burner if you don’t need to scan with it. I have 2 - 1620’s, 1 - 1640, 2 - 1655’s and a 1670. The 1640 is the best but all the others are a very close second.
I don’t think these are burns from a lemon. Maybe I’m just lucky. :confused:
If I were going to buy another Benq it would probably be a 1650 though.

I second coathi’s recommendation of the Lite-On 165P6S (see link), as the scans I’ve seen are very promising, especially at getting great results at 16x with Verbatim DVD+R and -R media (MCC004 and MCC03RG20, IIRC). The LiteOn 1693 always did great with Verbatim, far better than other burners, with much lower PIF on each burn. LiteOn has always been an excellent choice on some models, and if you want to have 1 ECC scanning avaiable, to have a scan to corroborate your burns on the BenQ 1640, this would be a great addition. :wink: Of course, if you are diehard BenQ, I was always impressed by the burn results from the 1650 (as I have a 1640 and love it). I would obviously go with the 1650, as that’s been around longer, and has a lot more burn scans to back it up. If the 1670 can’t scan, I see no point in getting it, but that’s me and my money.

if you are keen on very good dual layer burning, then get the pioneer 111/d.

Hi :slight_smile:
The Lite-On & the 1670 cannot equal either the 1650 or 1655. If you’re going to go scans. I get better results @16x with most 16x rated media on any of my BenQ’s than the Lite-On seems capable of @12x & the 1670 @ 8x. That’s not to say that the Lite-On in particular wouldn’t complement your setup. I believe it could. But more as a reader/ripper than a writer. The 1670 whilst capable enough, to me just doesn’t cut it in any area. So as to stand out, it doesn’t. It’s just OK. So maybe the Lite-On, unless thinking of DL. In which case gregtherotterius’s suggestion of the Pioneer 111D/L/XL whatever is an excellent choice.


thanks for your replies, it seems the Liteon drive would be an excellent scanner, now I am just wondering: If I only need a drive for reading/Scanning (basically), then could I also get a 160P6S? That drive is about 20% cheaper here in germany than the 165P6S, lacks DVD-RAM obviously, I just wonder if it is an equally good scanner as the 165P6S, or are there any more differences?



Jackie, unless you need the DVD-RAM capability, the 160P6S should be the same, just without the DVD-RAM addition. I’ll take a quick look through a search for this…

It is said to be the same. Look here, plus there is a Sony unit you could crossflash to the 160P6s–if the Sony is also cheaper, of course. :iagree: By the way, do I get a cookie and a cold glass of fresh milk for finding you the link/information? :wink: :bigsmile:

I would go for the 1650 since 1670 cannot scan. It’s all up 2 u

I have both the 160P6S and the 165P6S and they both scan and burn exactly the same! You can’t even tell which drive was used for the scan because they both look the same.

Thanks coathi, or maybe get a Sony Q120U?

Jackie, check the link I gave you and it will list what Sony model corresponds to the BenQ 1650 that you can use the firmware, and which steps are needed to crossflash it. :wink: In fact, here’s the single post so you can go right to how to crossflash it. :wink:

Great, thanks for all those links, so I will see which one to get. Just wondering why those drives are so much cheaper in the US than here in Europe (particularily germany) :frowning:



There are some reports that Sony 810A-[B]R[/B] is a rebadged BenQ DW1650. :slight_smile:

But checking your link, I think you had Sony DW-Q120A/DW-G120A in mind…

Right pinto, that’s true, just looking for a “cheap” scanner, so I will try to get the cheapest of the four possible drives (Liteon or Sony with or without DVDRAM)



Hi Jackie78. If you want an additional scanner, definitely go with a Lite-On 6S drives since you already have a 1640. I would recommend 165P6S (DVD-RAM) or 165H6S (DVD-RAM +LigthScribe) since you can scan DVD-RAM with these drives.

I’ll trade you my 1670 for a 1650, and we’ll call it even :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, the 1670 isn’t a bad burner, especially in a multi-burner system. If it’s going to be the only burner in the system, I’d definitely go 1650 just for convenience sake. My 1670 is a decent burner (with the 1.02 firmware). Not as good as any of my many 1640’s, but it is better than my NEC-3550. Plus, if I ever encounter a DVD-RAM disk, I’m set. Bear in mind, the firmware is still very immature, even more so than the 1650. Plus, it’s a new chipset for the Benq engineers to play with. At a good price, either would be a decent choice.