DW-1650 - Mixed Results?

I received my dw-1650 this week. I posted once previously regarding the starting and stopping during a disc quality check. After help from this forum, it appears that this is a universal problem.

More importantly, I purchased a Liteon 165P a week or two before the 1650. This went into a new Compaq. I then put the 1650 into a Dell 8400 which is less than a year old. I removed an nec 2500a. Although I have a very good handle on computer hardware, I do very little burning, and as such, most of you will forget more than I know!!

My question relates to the 1650 and whether it is a good dvd burner. I tested out a Verbatim MCC-004.8 disc (16x) by randomly adding enough files through explorer to fill up the disc. I burned it at 16x. I installed q-suite after the burn, and it indicated that this media could not be burned at higher than 8-12x. The 16x burn was goodthrough 80% of the burn when I used Nero for a disc quality check, but at about 80% I got a ton of red spikes (pf errors I guess), and the score quickly dropped to 0. I tried checking with different speeds, all to no avail. When checking it on my liteon 165P, it came up with a media error and could not even read through the whole disc.

My liteon burns these discs quite reliably at 16x, and my nec 2500a quite well at 8x, its max. I know that these benq burners seem to be well respected by everyone. Any reason, based on the media being of good quality, and the burner not being defective, that the last 20% of the disc would burn poorly?

I tried a few 48x cdr burns with cmc media and they were very good.

Thanks. I would post scans but I’ve never done it with Nero before.

Hi :slight_smile:
Recently MCC 004 has been the question of consistant quality. Tips for you & your 1650. Enable SB this will reduce the likelyhood of problems in the future. The learning process takes a few discs though. (2 to 3 minimum). If you’ve not already done so, upgrade the drives f/w. Finally posting scans, see here .

2-3 mins? A few discs? lol so not more than 5? pah maybe the plextor Yuden;s ive been trying are just poo with my drive :confused: Have you tried any other media ch44?

I would also like to know if it is common to have dvd disc recognition times between 10-12 seconds. That is what I am getting. Much slower than my Liteon.

Thanks for giving me the instructions to upload the scans. Very much appreciated. This is my first burn with sb disabled for known media (default). I did burn at 16x. It burned fine until about 94% of the disc, and then the bottom fell out. Would this be a function of a bad disc, bad burner, or some variable I could control such as apps in the background. I am really not happy with the burn quality so far.

I think that your problems are caused by scanning at 16x (as shown by green line)

BenQ drives should scan at 8x or they produce massive error rates at the end of the disc (as in your graph).

Slow down your scan speed to 8x and it should show a big increase in quality.


Thanks for the reply. I did two scans. 1 at 8x and 1 at 4x. Although both are better, neither really is good. These Verbatim discs do burn well on my nec and liteon burners, just not on the benq. Very strange. Thanks.

:disagree: In my experience, this is true only with lesser burns and discs. Most of my discs pass a 16X Benq scan with in-specs reported PIE/PIF. Those that don’t show troubled reading curves in all my drives (NEC, Pioneer, Benq). I even like to think that 16X scanning in a Benq is a good way of catching marginal discs that have bad mechanical properties.

@the original poster: if your other burners burn these correctly, maybe your unit is defective indeed.

Scan the disc in P-CAV this solved an issue for me (and presented another), but I knew my genuine TYG02 should look better. To save time you could set the start to 3600MB.

THis would be assuming it’s a reading/scanning issue, which is probably not the case.
To rule out a reading/scanning issue, best thing to do is to scan a commercial pressed DVD-ROM! :wink:

Thank you for replying. How would I go about scanning in p-cav? Is the burner not set up by default to use a certain method?

I’m not sure it will help, but its worth a shot all you need to do is hit the refesh button next to the speed selection and you should see some new options. Don’t worry about any speed dips just let it run.