Dw 1620 slow burn speed problem?

I just put this drive in my system and It starts to burn at .02x and makes it up to 4x but will not go any higher. I have tried everything to get it to burn faster and by accident I found out how.

I was burning and it was at 4x when I opened spybot, when I started to scan the hard drive, the burn speed increased all the way up to 16x and stayed there until the second I stoped the scan, then it dropped back down to 4x. What is goning on? as long as I have some type of activity going on on the master hdd it will burn higher than 4x.

Everything is connected correctly, The hard drive is primary master on 1 with a dvd rom drive as slave and the burner is master on 2 with a data only hard drive as slave.

I am burning an iso with dvddecrypter on ty02 from master hdd on 1 to burner on 2.

All drives show udma enabled in win xp.

Try disconnecting your data only hard drive and see if that changes things. Try another burning program.

Is DMA enabled for all devices? What IDE drivers do you use?

I don’t want to hijack your thread but I too have been experiencing strange speed issues with my new 1620 drive, slow speeds stuck at 4x even for the DVD+R 16x that shipped with the drive and on BenQ DVD+R 8x media, after some tinkering I got 8x going with DVD Decrypter but not other programs, plus their were other problems with the quality of the discs its made.

I’m waiting on a whole bunch of media to be delivered next week to see if the problems still occur as I can’t figure it out and have tried everything that I can think of.

I have an Intel system with an 875P chipset, DMA on and no IAA installed in fact my NEC 2510A has behaved just fine, whereas the BenQ has been rather troublesome. I bought some Maxell DVD+R 4x TY T01 media over the weekend and the BenQ gave the option to write at 4x, 8x, 12x with the media only 4x produced useable discs and it certainly didn’t reach the 12x, whereas my NEC2510A [using maddog 2.F7] which for the first time ever as I’ve never used TY media before allowed me to over speed the media and gave up to 4x, 6x, 8x and burning at 8x the disc was just fine.

Actually one other question may I ask does the BenQ always give the option to over speed DVD+R media ?

My local shops dont have much in the way of choice but I found some really crappy DVD+R bulkpaq media with the ID code IS01-008-00 which I looked up and found others who said it was crap and indeed burning it at 4x its rated speed one of the two discs I tested with it didn’t work but the BenQ offered writing speeds up to 12x for this pretty poor media is this normal ?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have tried nero and it does the same. I will try disconnecting the data only drive.

DMA is enabled for all devices and I am using standard xp VIA loaded IDE drivers.

Not sure what you mean by BenQ always giving the option to over speed DVD+R media? If you mean when I burn a ty02 8x media disc with nero or dvddycryptor and choose the burn speed yes both programs allow me to choose 16x as an option.

Yeah I mean burning over its rated speed but I was surprised the BenQ 1620 allowed me to burn such poor quality media that I fed the drive at higher speeds than its rated 4x for example my NEC 2510 only allows it to be burnt at 4x, why would BenQ allow overspeeding of such crap media, I thinks theirs something wrong with my drive.

I’m going to try and find some more + media at one of the local shops this afternoon to see if the same thing happens.

edog45 whas your drive made in August 2004 by any chance I’m just wondering did they come from the same batch, when I first plugged in the drive it was stuck at 4x for all operations even though their was nothing wrong with my system after much rather pointless tweaking it finally co-operated and started to burn at 8x with the BenQ media I bought with the drive.

Even if it doesnt sound logical try it:
Change the IDE cable.
Change the drive to master/slave.
Change both drives to cable select.
Remove any other drive on the IDE chain.
Flash the previous/latest firmware to the drive again.
Install the most recent chipset drivers.
Update your motherboard bios.


My drive was made in july 2004.
I have changed the IDE cable and switched it to master from cable select and flashed the latest firmware 2 times.

Nothing has worked. It just puzzles me that with no activity on the HDD it only burns at 4x but when it is burning if I open norton AV and start a scan or open Adaware and start a scan, it jumps to 16x and burns. If I stop the scan it drops back to 4x
I also tried burning the file from the data only drive with the same results.

Well I think I am going to format and reload XP and see what happens. I will check back later with an update.

Well after a format and reinstall of xp I tried burning the same file and it finished in 6 minutes even from start to finish.

So it looks like what ever it was has been corrected with a clean install.

Cool thanks for taking the time to post back with results. You might make note of what IDE drivers you using right now, so you know what’s working right.

I’m having the same kind of problems. Just bought myself a Benq 1620 flashed to B7M9 and the fucker doesn’t wanna go higher then 4X, tried connecting as master, slave, other ide,… I just installed my windows 2003 today and I’m a bit disturbed about it. I will try to set my norton, ghost image back and test if that works, if not, I’ll need to install windows xp…

I posted this is another thread already but I formatted my computer and the same problems still occur, I contacted BenQ and they said that it was very strange behaviour for the drive and to exchange the drive for a new one from where I bought it.

Maybe we should start a thread on general slow problems with BenQ writers (even though you have DMA enabled etc & their doesnt seem to be anything wrong with the PC) I’ve seen at least a few others here with this issue ??

(I got my hands on more media and so far have not been able to burn reliable past 8x on any media or even overspeed good 4x media to 8x)

I also reinstalled my computer and installed windows xp instead of 2003, same problem. My burner just doesn’t want to go higher then 4X, even when the media I use is 8X or 16X supported, tried sonic, nero, alcohol. Tried to set it as my sec master, sec slave, pri mslave, nothing works, tried other ide cables, checkes aspi layer, cjhecked ultra dma, all were fine and my nec3500 and liteon 832S go nicely at 8X or faster (nec 3500 that is). It took me allready 3 installs, I am sick and tired of this.

do u have nforce drives?

I’m not using an nfoce motherboard on this computer, it’s an asrock k7s8x.

U have only one more thing to try: Intall it in a different system and if the problem persists it means u got a bad unit. I only can say that mine is a terrible good drive in terms of quality and speed

Yep, I will test it tonight in a good friend’s pc.

Just tested the writer in another p with my friend, I tried to create a data disc in nero c dvd speed and I saw in the tab disc info it was supported up to 16X (YUDENT02) and when I started the ceate data disc it did NOT go faster then 4X.

Return it for another one.

I’ve contacted the seller and he will give me another unit for it.