DW 1620 Firmware gone bad

this is my first post here, great site.
I have a dw 1620 that I tried to update firmware to G7V9 DLed from Benq support. Computer crashed half way through update, had to turn off power. After reboot burner came up as DW 1600 firmware: FS02 and its completely dead. I read a few of the posts in these forums already. I Dled the BenqCVT.EXE but can’t get it to work. I also have the B7V9 cvt file and the 1600->1620_B7H9 but I seem to be doing something wrong. If someone could help me with a step by step it would be much appreciated.

I can’t help you directly, but I know there is info somewhere in this forum on how to try to recover from a bad flash. Hopefully someone familiar with the procedure
will post here. In the mean time try doing searches.

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You need to create a dos boot disk. Also put f/w on a seperate disc with BENQ/PHILIPS flasher version 1.01. Boot into dos then run flasher.

just use Quikee’s BQFlasher. I’ve revive so many BenQ (few 1620 and 1640) using his tool.

Thanx Dime
I Dled BQFlasher but when I select the firmware, the drive field is empty and the FLASH tab is not active. I am trying to flash with G7V9.

So then, how did you use Benqcvt.exe?

I never fail revive a BenQ Drive with BenQCVT and BQFlasher

I tried running Benqcvtv in windows but i guess it’s a dos program. My floppy drive is no good so i couldn’t make boot disk.
BQFlasher doesn’t seem to be acknowledging any drives in the Drive: field @ top with drop down arrow.
I can select a firmware file to use but no drive.
My device manager shows drive as ATAPI DD DW 1600 firmware: FS02.
Any ideas?

FS02 if I remember correctly, is the boot code. Basically that happens when you indeed had a bad flash. The only way (that I can think of) for you to revive the drive is do what the others have already said.

why dont you go to your friend’s house, and borrow his/her computer to make a DOS boot CD or a boot diskette?

back in business. i booted into dos and flashed with cvt file. thanx dimedevil and zebadee for the advice.