DW 1620 Bulk OEM Newbiew Questions

Just picked up a Benq DW1620 OEM.

Was wondering what the best way to upgrade thsi drive was.

What firmware and what is the process to turn it to Pro?

What advantages to goign from stock to new firmware?

Thanks in advance.

Nice. You should enjoy your new DW1620. Considering it’s an OEM drive, I’d recommend putting G7P9 firmware on it. Get it here.

By loading G7P9 firmware, you are essentially making the drive “Pro”. My understanding is that the only difference between a DW1620 and a 1620 Pro is the factory default firmware loaded on it. See this thread for a full description of this topic.

G7T9 firmware is out for bulk drives.


I ended up putting the Benq Firmware on it. B7T9 I beleive.

That should work fine, too. Let us know how it goes…

BTW, where can I find a .cvt file for Gxxx bulk firmware? I want to have one handy in case I ever need to get by OEM drive back to service. Naturally, the .exe updaters won’t work anymore since I flashed to retail Bxxx firmware.

Later edit: nevermind, I found a G7M9 here.