DVXPOD-7010. A Next Generation Media Player?

If Platinum does not encounter any conflicts with other software installed on your PC itll work very well indeed. It is one of the easiest back up programs I have ever used and I was lucky enough not to experience any problems with it at all. If you can get it to work from the start youll stick with it for a very long time. Yordan :slight_smile:

I just posted the article DVXPOD-7010. A Next Generation Media Player?.

When I first saw the DVX-POD my first thought it was an iPod on steroids. In many ways though it could have been made by the people at Apple and not instead by Mobinote. It has that distinctive white look with the white earphones that just shouts iPod. But enough about iPod’s. This is certainly not one as it comes with a 7" colour screen which is able to show DVD quality movies at an impressive 720x480 resolution.

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still wodering if i can buy it ( and working in europe)…nothing to do with the USA :B

“At present there is no support for XviD on the pod. Is this something that is being looked into and can it be added via a firmware update?” I don’t understand very well the question. Actually, XviD is a MPEG-4 encoder, not a new format. I guess there is confusion between codec and format here. XviD-encoded files can be played with a lot of players that can decode MPEG-4. for instance, the ffmpeg MPEG-4 decoder is enough to read efficiently XviD files under Windows, Linux or Mac. So if DVXPOD has a problem to read XviD files, the problem lies elsewhere.

Should try changing the 4CC of the xvid file to “DX50” and see if it will play.

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Here is a link to a review for best copy dvd softwares. I like 1 Click, is very easy to use it and works perfect in pair with Any DVD. A second option is DVD Fab with DVD Idle Pro. DVDX failed on one dvd so I was looking for options. http://dvd-copy-software-review.toptenreviews.com/

:r I don’t have a clue as to why CD Freaks is still promoting DVDXCopy Platinum that’s been dead & buried for over a year. Is it the sleazo ads selling it (in its grave? LOL) on the website that keeps it alive? Guys, it’s gone, gone, gone. Move on.

There are still a lot of people looking for this software and therefore we provide a link to a webshop that still sells it.

so can any body tell me what is a good dvd burnin soft ware to get :g

It is not updated so this will not be any good when copying current dvd’s with ArccOs, etc. I recommend Slysoft as they are maintaining their software.

Yes Platinum was really put on the back burner with Arcoos, however it still works great with SLYSOFT - AnyDVD running :):B

Also… Nobody should have ever bought this software… It has been cracked and available through WAREZ or any of the P2P networks for download. Still one of the best out there with ANY DVD running at the same time.:B

cd freaks is a scam.i ordered x copy deluxe 3 weeks ago,and still dont have anything. what bullshit. 75 bucks up my ass.fuck you guys

kelkel i feel for you man, but why on earth pay $75 for it…they saw you coming a kilometer a way, lol.

:c Posted by tequila sunrise on Wednesday 16 November 2005

“MobiNote DVX-POD 7010 is the first 7-inch portable media player (PMP) in the world that combines MPEG-4 media player, MP3 player, voice recorder and photo viewer” Archos AV700 anyone!? this have been around for years AND plays XviD. This thing is retailing at £399, it three years too late I’m afraid!

Sorry for the spelling!, damn iphone predictive text! :slight_smile: